1. Infrared rays are the rays that are being emitted by EVERY kind of object that heats. It means that EVERY heater is infrared. So, when the marketing slogan says that it’s an infrared heater, it’s actually absurd, like if you say «this is a salty salt or sweet sugar», of course, it is. BUT, there is a big «but» here: what kind of infrared frequency this heater has? It makes all the difference. Our heater is FAR infrared heater, meaning that it has far (long) frequency. Why it’s so important? Because all living organisms, including humans (as well as the Solar rays), emit far infrared rays. Therefore, the more the frequency of the source of heater is nearer to that of a human, the more it is healthy for humans. Vice versa, the bigger is the difference of the frequencies the bigger is the harm for the humans. Infrared therapy in modern medical science uses only far infrared rays, since all other types can be harmful. Far infrared heating has very similar effect of the Solar rays, that have a lot of advantages (quicker cell division, production of vitamin D in the body of humans, higher sweat excretion etc.). We have collected this information on our web-site, we didn’t write this information, only collected it from different scientific sources. You may read this article here:

2. The main heating element of this heater is carbon fiber. The content of metals (mostly copper) is only on the wire connections and within the wires themselves. In addition to relatively low consumption of electrical energy, the electromagnetic field is very low. High electromagnetic field in its turn is another problem for people, since it creates physical weakness, bad mood, muscle pains, insomnia, has negative effect on functioning of inner organs etc. Most of the standard (convective) heaters use metal heating elements (copper, aluminum, iron etc.) and therefore, given the fact that they consume sometimes up to 2500W, the electromagnetic field is extremely high.

3. This heater is very economic. Yes, ALL producers will say that their heaters are economic. Well, we don’t say about some miracle here, physics is physics and you can’t get more energy out of nothing, that would be a lie. Still, it can be economic in some ways. How? The far infrared heating delivers the heat directly to the objects (including human body) and only then heats the air in the room. For better illustration of this principle, imagine a frosty sunny day during the winter. The sun shines brightly and your car gets heated very quickly, it can even become hot even though the temperature outside can be 20 degrees Celsius below zero. How is it possible? Solar rays do NOT need air to heat the object, BUT after the object is heated it heats also the air around. All standard heaters use completely opposite order. They first heat the air and then this heated air delivers warmth to the objects (including human body). But air is one of the worst heat conductor, it may lose up to 70% of the heat during the conduction process. Why is this important? In case of standard heaters, you have to heat up the room up to +25C for the humans to feel comfortable, but in case with far infrared heaters it is enough for the air to be at like +20+22C and the humans will be as much comfortable as with the +25C of the standard heater. Please note, that we don’t mean that there will be more heat, of course not, it will contradict the basics of physics, but because of different approach the same result (feeling comfortable) is reached with less energy consumption. Far infrared technology heats directly into the object meaning that it does not need air to deliver the heat to the human body.

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