Delivery / Payment




For the registration of the replacement, our manager will be contacted for you to confirm the replacement and clarify the details of the replacement.




Delivery across Kiev with a change of 1500 hryvnias – without koshtovno (except for goods, as you don’t take part in the sale, about the information on the side of the given goods below)! (The proposal is given for the distribution of customers and the delivery to uvaz delivery to the warehouse of News Poshti or Ukrposhti is given. When addressing the delivery rate, the tariffs of the News Posti are fixed). In case of replacement of the mensh nіzh for 1500 hryvnias – delivery according to the tariffs of the Kursk service. Pay for the fact of delivery to the card (before delivery).


Delivery for wholesale customers:


in Kiev – 150 UAH
in Ukraine – according to the tariffs of the carrier


You can also pick up the goods on your own in our office and at the prompt payment.


Marvel at the address in the section CONTACT




Delivery across Ukraine with a change of 1500 hryvnia – without a shipment (except for goods, as you do not take part in the whole sale, about the information on the side of the given goods below)! (The proposal is given for the distribution of customers). In case of a change of less than 1500 hryvnia – for the tariffs of the carrier (marvel lower).


Uvaga !: Naybіlsh zruchny way of payment – the price is paid by Ukrposhta or Novaya Poshtoyu (payment when discarded on the item). It is also possible to pay with an extravagant bank transfer (at the terminal to Privatbank), because it was hanging by the Kur’er service, for that matter, you will not need to pay with such a rank to the end of the letter. If you are ready to discuss your options.


Prydbati and pay off our comrades in the regions of Ukraine, you can:


On our site, you vibrate, comrade, how to trick you, and when you go to the cat, memorize the form, and also call on the specified phones.
Having paid for a bank card, because of that, as a bachimo penny for a rakhunka (a loan from 5 khvili up to 12 years), the goods were sold for 1-2 days; mi pratsyuєmo with the company Nova Poshta. Nova Poshta zdіysnyu delivery in 1-2 days at the point of Ukraine, de є їх representative
Having paid when rejected for the item (by payment, in any way according to the rules of Ukrposhti to add to the vitrati, store 4.2 %% of the parcels), the terms of delivery from 3 to 7 days are left in bulk

You can cancel and pay at your local post office of Nova Poshta, in which case we will pay for the delivery (if the sum is replaced with a minimum amount for a non-cash payment), after Mind the robots, as well as the addresses of the representatives, marvel at the official website of the Nova Poshta company (


For wholesale purchases, please see the section for DEALERS

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