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This is a time of great trials for Ukraine. Our condolences extend to each of our friends and partners who have lost their loved ones and their homes; our prayers are for all who mourn, who were forced to leave their own home, family and even country. We wish all of us a peaceful sky over as soon as possible!

We would like to inform you that we have started our work, we can make shipments in Ukraine, where there delivery by Nova Poshta is available. All goods are in stock and while we try to keep prices at pre-war levels.

For all our clients in Europe, we have enough stock on our partnering warehouses in Romania and Poland. Please contact us for more information.

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Articles and offers

TRIO ™ is a Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative infrared heaters and film floor heating.


The range of TRIO ™ infrared heaters includes a wall-mounted film heater, a mobile floor-mounted film heater, an infrared heated floor, an infrared mini-sauna, a carpet heater, infrared heating mats with built-in heating elements, infrared heaters for the lower back, warmers for legs and body, etc. e. TRIO ™ company produces a wide range of innovative electric infrared heaters, infrared floor heating and other heaters for various purposes.
TRIO ™ products are manufactured in Ukraine and have all the necessary certificates and conformity. The principle of operation of infrared heaters is to heat surfaces and objects using safe long-wave infrared radiation, with the help of which various surfaces are heated, such as walls, floors, ceilings and other objects, which then give off heat, as well as heating directly to people and animals.

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