Cooperation offers for dealers and trading partners of the TRIO company


TRIO Company – Ukrainian manufacturer of infrared film heaters and underfloor heating develops a dealer network in Ukraine and abroad. In this regard, we invite to cooperation companies, shops, entrepreneurs, retail outlets, online stores for the distribution of our products in foreign countries.


Our advantages


  • Design – We are constantly improving the design of our products.
  • Individual pricing – Individual pricing policy for most of our wholesale customers
  • Customer support  – Our clients like our customer service


Terms of cooperation for trading partners-dealers


We offer flexible terms of cooperation to each trading partner, be it an online store, an entrepreneur or a wholesale buyer of our products.


Wholesale price


Wholesale price grid applies to orders of 10 and 50 units of products


Individual approach


We offer an individual approach to the wholesale partner for large orders of 100 units of products


Priority prices


We offer single statement Priority Prices in the countries where our products are offered



Advertising support for trading partners


We provide advertising support to our dealers and partners in the following form


Printed Products


Full CATALOG with all products with an empty field for contacts and details of the dealer


Advertising Сontent


Digital advertising materials for advertising campaigns and website content – mockups, photos, texts, etc.


Promotional Videos


Promotional videos for posting on the site and in social media



The service we offer


Credit Сard Payments


Use a credit card to pay for your purchase


Wholesale Lots Delivery


We deliver wholesale lots of goods to the buyer’s warehouse


Wholesale customer support


We provide customer support to our dealers and trading partners


Information and legal support of partners


Information support


  • Nationwide brand advertising
  • Availability of permits, certificates, specifications, patents
  • Products use manuals without our contacts
  • Advertising content


Legal support


  • Anti-dumping policy
  • Documentation of wholesale batches
  • Wholesale Lot Delivery to the dealer warehouse
  • Warranty service products


Join over a hundreds of our partners


TRIO company is a relatively young company in the manufacturing sector. But we are actively growing and developing. Our products are delivered to 30 countries of the world and we are looking for new trade national and regional partners in other countries.


For additional information on cooperation and dealerships, please contact the contact phone: +38 063 231 35 05


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