Dryer for windowsill

1. Heating of windowsills, mirrors and windows.
Prevents windows and mirrors from fogging up, and therefore these places will be dry and warm

2. Heating the soil for growing seedlings.
In the last days of winter, when it is still cold outside, it’s time to start sowing seeds and growing seedlings. This heating element is placed under containers with crops and flowerpots or installed near containers with plants at an angle to a wall or window, and connected to the electricity. Infrared heat does not dry the air, but heats the soil, spending very little amount of energy for heating the air. This heating element will not only create a favorable microclimate for growing crops, but also look aesthetically pleasant, perfectly fitting the interior.

3. Drying fruits, herbs, vegetables and other products.
A sheet of paper / parchment is placed on the surface of the heating element, and the products prepared for drying are laid on it.

– Suitable for incubating the chickens and other poultry, a great help for rapid growth and reduces mortality rate
– Can be placed under the hands while working on a computer in a cold office or warehouse
– Warms gently without burning the air
– Does not burn skin while heating
– Infrared radiation has a beneficial effect on human and animal health

Technical characteristics:
Power: 30W (220 / 230V)
Size: 100x14x0.2 cm
Surface temperature: up to 45C
Weight: 0.2KG
The product is equipped with a switch (on / off)
Surface color: white (color drawing on the other side)
Surface material: laminating film
Warranty: 12 months

More information: https://www.tmtrio.com/product/dryer-for-windowsill/

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