The warmth of the Sun at your home!


Do you remember how on a sunny winter day, you touched your car, and its surface was hot? This is because the Solar rays do not need air to provide us with warmth, because the Sun emits far infrared waves.
Our products work based on this principle, because main heating elements consist of carbon fiber (thread) that emits far infrared rays.


Long infrared rays have a positive effect on human health (radiation in the frequency of the human body is 6-20 microns).





On cold days of autumn or spring, when the central heating is not on or has already been turned off, it is uncomfortable at home, in an office, in a warehouse or in a country house. At this time that an infrared wall heater will be very useful. Designed for heating a small room (10-12m2), in a few hours a wall-hung heater creates a warm microclimate in this room in comparison with the cold and uncomfortable temperature in the rest of the apartment. Even if the area of ​​the heated room is larger than indicated above, you will feel warm and comfortable heat if you sit or work near the heater. This far infrared heat has a beneficial effect on the human body and does not burn the air.


The TRIO wall-hung heater will be a great additional heating in apartments or rooms where the main heating is not warm enough especially during the cold periods.
This heater will help you to extend the summer season. This is especially true for rooms that cannot be heated with a stove. And also the use of a far infrared wall heater TRIO will be much more economical than gas heating or other types of heating. Considering that the weight of the heater is less than 1 kg, and when rolled up its dimensions are 57x9x9 cm, it will not take up much space in the car, and it can also be easily transported to a summer or country house in a bag or backpack.




  • Warms with soft heat without drying the air or burning oxygen (surface temperature max. 70 ℃)
  • Consumes 3-4 times less energy than conventional heaters (consumption – 0.4 kW or 400 W)
  • Takes up little space and folds up easily
  • Compact and easy to transport (weighs less than 1 kg)
  • Does not harm humans, does not burn
  • It is safe: protection class II
  • Can be used in humid areas
  • Aesthetic: your guests won’t even understand that a nice picture on the wall is a heater
  • Supplied in practical reusable package
  • Designed for a small room of 10-12m2 as an additional heating (in such a room it raises up the temperature by +6+8°C in a few hours)

  • The wall heater can be used in any premises:

  • Country house
  • Apartment
  • Office
  • Balcony
  • Bathroom
  • Kiosk
  • Garage and other places

    – Power: 430W
    – Dimensions: 98×57 cm (when fold – 57x9x9 cm)
    – Surface temperature, max. 70 °С
    – Weight: 0.8 kg


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    TRIO ™ is a Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative infrared heaters and film floor heating.


    The range of TRIO ™ infrared heaters includes a wall-mounted film heater, a mobile floor-mounted film heater, an infrared heated floor, an infrared mini-sauna, a carpet heater, infrared heating mats with built-in heating elements, infrared heaters for the lower back, warmers for legs and body, etc. e. TRIO ™ company produces a wide range of innovative electric infrared heaters, infrared floor heating and other heaters for various purposes.
    TRIO ™ products are manufactured in Ukraine and have all the necessary certificates and conformity. The principle of operation of infrared heaters is to heat surfaces and objects using safe long-wave infrared radiation, with the help of which various surfaces are heated, such as walls, floors, ceilings and other objects, which then give off heat, as well as heating directly to people and animals.

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