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Online store of electric infrared heaters TRIO ™

The issue of heating a house or apartment is highly relevant in the cold season in a temperate and subtropical climate zone in most of Europe and Asia. The modern variety of heating systems (heating) provides an opportunity to choose the option of heating, which is suitable in each case and will meet the requirements of safety and energy efficiency.

The TRIO™ company is a manufacturer of a wide range of innovative infrared electric heaters, film underfloor heating and heaters of various purposes, made with the use of carbon fiber in Ukraine. The principle of operation of infrared heaters is the radiation of long-wave infrared thermal energy, through which the heating of houses, apartments and rooms, the heating of surfaces and objects, the safe heating of humans and animals takes place.

Buy TRIO™ Electric Film Heater in Ukraine

You can buy an electric infrared heater:

  • infrared film floor and wall heaters,
  • infrared mobile floor heaters,
  • floor heater-dryer,
  • wall heater picture,
  • various infrared heaters for the lower back, back, legs and arms, etc.

You can buy them in the "Products" section of our online store of TRIO™ infrared heaters for heating a separate section of a room in a house, office space, street shops and kiosks, open areas for restaurants and cafes, public transport stops, people locations, for utility rooms and warehouses, garages and other on the official website of the company TRIO.

Electric infrared wall and floor heaters are used as the main or additional heater for people or animals that help you warm the room, warm up, get rid of cold, drafts and save energy costs, and also allow you to fully work or relax and unwind while relaxing. Infrared heaters have an infrared-thermal principle of action, producing heating of the body or certain parts of the body, surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings, according to the purpose of the panel heater, without heating the air.

On-line shop of electric heaters and underfloor heating of TRIO™ company

The TRIO ™ heaters shop is a TRIO ™ online trading platform for selling the entire range of electric infrared film heaters that we produce for various purposes. We are a manufacturer of modern innovative infrared heaters in Ukraine. At the wholesale warehouse of finished products, we have an adequate supply of all types of heaters manufactured by us to satisfy the growing demand for infrared heaters for various purposes. Our retail and wholesale customers can find on the website all the necessary information about infrared heaters and their use.

In the "Products" section of the TRIO ™ website, you can choose and buy a wall heater, floor heater, infrared film underfloor heating or ceiling heater, a compact infrared mobile sauna, heaters for the loins, legs and other parts of the body. Delivery of infrared heaters TRIO ™ is carried out in Europe and North America, in African countries and Asian countries by international logistics companies. You can buy a heater or a warm floor in the Tmtrio.com online store on the Internet in any country of the world.

You can also order a wholesale batch of TRIO ™ infrared heaters with delivery to any city in Europe and any country in the world. Our sales assistants are always ready to help you in choosing the right heater. A convenient system of filtering the search by characteristics and types will help you choose exactly the infrared heater, equipment for the infrared heating system or additional heating of the rooms that you need.

Energy efficient and economical heating systems based on infrared film heaters

If you decide to install a infrared film floor heating in an apartment, or expect to do with a standard heating system with additional infrared heaters, or choose only local heating with wall and floor heaters, in any case, TRIO ™ products will satisfy many of your desires. Perhaps you are interested in a heating system using alternative energy - solar panels with film floor heating and wall heaters, biofuel boiler plus infrared wall and floor heaters? Our site will help you find the necessary economical and innovative infrared electric heaters and answer the most important questions on the preparation and creation of an alternative enonomic heating system, as well as help you understand the features of a particular heater and make the right choice.

Have you decided to create an economical heating system with your own hands? We have prepared for you a wide range of infrared heaters, underfloor heating and instructions for designing and connecting all the heating devices of your heating system. You can calculate the cost of work and equipment already at the stage of the development of the heating system. To create a heating system must be approached considering all options and costs. Especially if it concerns the arrangement of the heating system or additional heating to improve the energy efficiency of a house or apartment. With high-quality equipment and infrared heaters from TRIO™ and a properly designed heating system, you will not be afraid of even extreme cold.

We wish you a warm, happy and comfortable life in the circle of relatives and friends!
Sincerely, TRIO™ Company - a Ukrainian manufacturer of infrared heaters and underfloor heating!




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