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Wall heater “Lotus”

25.00 $


  • It gives gentle heat without drying the air and burning the oxygen (the surface temperature does not exceed 70 ° C)
  • It takes up little space and folds easily
  • It consumes 3-4 times less electricity than regular heaters (consumption – 400 W)
  • Space-saving and easy to transport (weighs approx. 0.7 kg)
  • It does not harm people, does not burn
  • It ia safe: protection class II
  • It can be used in damp and wet areas
  • It is aesthetic: your guests won’t even realize that a nice picture on the wall is a heater
  • It comes in a handy reusable packaging
  • Designed for a small rooms of 10-12 m2 (in such a room it will raise the temperature to 6-8 degrees in a few hours)
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