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 Each of the infrared wavelengths has its penetrating power through the atmosphere and through the skin of man. Infrared waves in the range of far-infrared radiation pass through the air without heating it. IR rays can penetrate deep into the human body. Infrared radiation with wavelengths from 7 to 14 mcm penetrates under the skin of a person and into the cellular level, triggering an enzymatic reaction. IR waves of the mother warm the fetus from conception to birth.

Research in the field of biotechnology has shown that it is far infrared radiation that is of exceptional importance in the development of all life forms on Earth. For this reason it is also called the rays of life.

Our body emits long infrared waves (LIW), but it itself also needs constant feeding with long-wave heat. If the intensity of the LIW starts to decrease or there is no constant feeding of the human body, then the body undergoes attacks of various diseases, the person quickly ages against the background of a general deterioration of well-being.

As a result of technological advances electric infrared heaters  to help people as for everyday use at work and home devices using special emitters long-wave infrared radiation.

Far infrared radiation (FIR) normalizes the metabolic processes and eliminates the causes of many diseases, and not just their symptoms. Work on the study of penetrating far-infrared radiation continues throughout the world.


When using infrared heaters, we can afford to reduce the temperature in the room by a few degrees, but the air temperature will remain the same, since the decrease in air temperature will be compensated by directed additional thermal radiation. A person will feel warm due to the direct heating of the body from an infrared heater, like from a sun or a fire. Reducing the air temperature in the room by 1 degree gives 5% energy saving. Thus, reducing the average air temperature in the room from 22 degrees C to 17 degrees, we get a total saving on energy costs up to 25%!

Infrared heaters are the only type of heater that allows zone or spot heating. In the case of zone heating in different parts of the room can be maintained modes with different temperatures. For example, if workplaces are located at a considerable distance from each other, a lower temperature can be maintained in the room as a whole to maintain an economical heating mode.

When using traditional convective heating systems (baths + boiler, convector heating, general ventilation), we face the problem that the temperature under the ceiling of the room is 7-10 degrees higher than the floor and at the level of a person, which leads to a significant waste of energy for heating and overheating of those parts of the room that do not need to be heated.

Infrared heaters allow you to avoid such irrational use of energy and temperature distribution, because they do not heat the air, but transfer heat to the surfaces of solid objects and the human body. At the same time there is no excessive heating of the air, the temperature between the floor and the ceiling is equalized, which allows for 15-40% energy saving.

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